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Thursday May 22nd 
Girls Night Out
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Artist Gary Rudisill will be joining us during Girls Night Out.  Gary recently started hand painting Tom's Canvas Shoes.  Stop by and check out his Classic Paris France themed shoes.  Step out on our patio and enjoy our recent project, and enjoy movies on the back wall.

 Shoes painted by Gary Rudisill

Past Events

March 22nd - April 20th, "Love: The Strength of a Woman"
Exhibited Through Paper, Words, and Books
by Elizabeth O'Shea Goins

Meet the Artist on March 22nd, 11:00am - 2:00pm


“I love to create handmade books! I love the entire process—first, constructing the book, finding the words, and then decorating the page.”

Elizabeth ArtAs a child, travel, reading, and art, were major influences in Elizabeth’s life.  Born into an Air Force family, Elizabeth had the opportunity to travel in the United States, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom.

In 1998 Elizabeth obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hood College, Fredrick, Maryland.  In 2001 Elizabeth earned a Masters of Science (BEST) Better Educators for Students of Tomorrow from McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland.  While in college Elizabeth took a book arts workshop with Carol Barton, a book engineer, and Book Arts became a focal point in teaching art to Elizabeth’s students.

In 2001 Elizabeth began teaching art at Eastern Middle School in Montgomery County to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.  She worked with sixth grade students in a program called #2 Intermediate Intervention Reading Language Art/EOSOL, combining reading, writing, and art to gain background knowledge to advance vocabulary and strengthen language skills—making handmade books was an integral part of the learning process.

Elizabeth has been awarded Outstanding New Middle School Art Educator, Montgomery County School, Presidential Leadership Scholarship, Hood College, and The Gloria Monteiro Humanities Award, Montgomery College.  She has obtained arts in Education grants from both the Maryland State Arts Council and the Washington Post.

The Explosion by Elizabeth GoinsCurrently, Elizabeth resides in Charles Town, West Virginia where she offers workshops in her studio teaching Book Arts, papermaking, and papercutting.  Elizabeth teaches art through Jefferson County adult education, as well as teaching as an artist in resident through TAC (Teaching Arts Creatively) The Arts Humanities Alliance, Jefferson County.  She also teaches at The Council for the Arts in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth’s art has been shown at Artomatic Jefferson, West Virginia; Council for the Arts, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida; Delaplane Visual Arts Center, Frederick, Maryland;  Hood College, Frederick Maryland; Montgomery College, Takoma Park, Maryland


Currently on Display: Story Book Love, the Photography Collection
by Vintage Spirit Photography ~ Terah Ware


Archway Love by Terah Ware

Terah Ware’s interest in timeless love stories and our histories past has influenced her photography collection, “Story Book Love”.

The love inspired photography collection captures the essence of romantic courtship.  From the balcony of the famous “Inn Boonsboro” to the historical location of the “Antietam Battlefield”, Terah blends our modern world with stories from the past.   

Her collection re-creates a romantic world through imagery.  Vintage clothing, custom “An Era’s Ambiance” Jewelry and her beloved hometown, Boonsboro, MD become visual elements that tell a story.  Local residents, Katie Lewis and Cody Derr were chosen to showcase their modeling talents by captivating us with “The Promise”.     

The “Story Book Love” collection is exclusive and available at “Gifts Inn Boonsboro” gallery for the romantic at heart.  Enjoy!

Terah Ware

Vintage Spirit Photography


February 1st - March 2nd, "Connections" Exhibit by Daniel Paul Murphy

Opening Reception February 1st, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Meet the artist and see "Connections," New Works of art by Daniel Paul Murphy

Daniel Paul Murphy pocket watch drawingDaniel P Murphy Barn watercolorDaniel Murphy landscape drawing


Dan Murphy is no stranger to Gifts Inn BoonsBoro. As the official Gift Shop to Inn BoonsBoro, Murphy has been an essential part of our product development.  His recent pen and ink drawing is featured on our mugs, wine glasses, playing cards and Christmas ornament.

Daniel P Murphy Dan's Restaurant

This stay-at-home dad has carved out a niche as a full time graphic designer for local/regional businesses and events in our community including The Boonsboro Greenfest and Cut To The Chase Film Festival.

In his spare time he produces fine art.  While much of his work is done in crayon and colored pencil, he also favors pen / ink and watercolor.  He enjoy landscapes and primitive buildings, especially barns. 

Murphy has participated in Barnstormers (a Frederick County paint-out of local barns) and the Plein Air exhibit hosted by Gifts Inn BoonsBoro. During the event at Gifts Inn BoonsBoro, Murphy painted an image of Dan’s Restaurant and Tap House. He completed this painting in the frosty weather of December on-site in under three hours.

Murphy has also created individually commissioned pieces including illustrations for several books and a series of notecards. 


Zoe's Chocolates

February 6th - Chocolate & Champagne Reception

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Join us for our Chocolate and Champagne Reception, featuring fine artisan and award-winning chocolate created by Zoe's Chocolates, along with an exciting assortment of custom designed jewelry created by local artists Chris Willerns, Beth Carey, Debby Weaver, Barbara Martin, Marcella Sager, Lisa Gorozdos, Sally Sorbello, Holly Priester, Terah Ware, Frankie Yourgulez-Buhrer, and Tena Dennen.  All guarantee to have a unique style your valentine will love.

December 7th - Holiday in Boonsboro

November 7th - Girls Night Out

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Girls Night Out


October 26th - "Tir-Nan Or - The Land of Ever Young" 
Gary Rudisill and Sally Sorbello

1:00pm - 3:00pm
Opening Reception

Whisper by Gary Rudisill Whisper by Gary Rudisill

"Art has been a major part of my life since I was very young. My art is my enjoyment, my passion and my escape. Creation is more than expression - it’s an extension of the creator. My passions vary in subjects from lush landscapes to touchable nudes, and soul-capturing portraits to symbolic art. I strive to inject a little part of myself into every piece I create. Through my eyes, I will take on a journey of the senses.Necklace by Sally Sorbello

Black and white are the colors of good and evil-the essence of the life force –so charcoal and graphite are my minions. By pushing the lead, I can create contrast and detail that will make you take a closer look." - Gary Rudisill

Jeweler, Sally Sorbello will be joining us for the opening reception. She is known for her unique handwoven jewelry featuring freshwater pearls, stones, Czech. glass, Austrian crystal, and amber.

Inspired by the work of African, South American, Indian and Asian artisans, her work started out with an ethnic flavor, but soon expanded to include Victorian and Elizabethan influences.  Celtic knots are a favorite theme.


Oct. 11th - Gifts Inn BoonsBoro’s 5th Year Anniversary Celeberation

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Sept. 14th

11:00am - 2pm

Gifts Inn BoonsBoro invites you to stop by and meet our featured artist, Joe Campbell.

Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell’s career as an artist and educator spans 45 years of his life. He began making pots while in high school and has not stopped. About 25 years ago he began making brushes which he uses to decorate his work. Joe discovered that he really enjoyed making them and it quickly grew into another business venture for him.

As a maker of handmade functional vessels he sees his role as an artist to express his work – idea of beauty, creativity and substance. It is his desire that his work will find a place in someone’s home, and a “place at their table” – will play some small part in their domestic lives, and bring enjoyment for years to come.


July 13 - September 2 - "Perspectives" - Tara Conway King and William R. Fox

July 13, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Opening Reception

Perspectives Postcard

The concept for this show is depicting how beauty exists in all things... near & far, small & large, real & imaginary. It will feature paintings and photographs in various sizes & mediums.
Bleeding Hearts Blue by Tara Conway King

Bleeding Hearts Blue
by Tara Conway King
24" x 36"
acrylic/oil on canvas

"I am an artist/art teacher/lawyer (strange but true) with a serious case of wanderlust. I started my journey as a child in Washington County, which lead to the beaches of the eastern shore of Maryland where I grew up, but have lived in Georgia, New York, Scotland, Italy, Colorado, and North Carolina. From the genteel South with its enchanting live oaks and hazy summers to the Wild West with its rocky peaks and stunning views, every location has its own personal charm.  

My husband is an attorney with the Marine Corps, which entails a lot of moving on our part ... so who knows, perhaps one day you and I will be neighbors. We have two large and crazy dogs named Allie & Shep who run the roost and are obsessed with ice cubes. I also have a set of free-spirited parents whom I try to visit as often as possible. My dad is an outdoors adventurer in Colorado and my mom is sailing the seven seas as a nurse onboard a ship which results in many travel opportunities for me (an unabashed free-loader). I also adore my friends and family and am so thankful for the unlimited wireless minutes that allow us to stay close even though I am usually far away. 

In addition to painting & travelling, I love to hike, rock climb, and explore.  I also enjoy drinking wine while cooking Italian food and listening to Van Morrison (so THE man.)  In case you were wondering, my specialty dish is linguini with a walnut/gorgonzola sauce. Delicioso! That about sums it up. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Artist's Statement

What I like best about creating art is having the opportunity to share how I see things with others. I believe art has the ability to transform that which is elusive and fleeting into a tangible object, which, ideally, can be understood and appreciated by the outside world.

During my creative process, I take a feeling, idea or image that moves me and recreate it in my own original terms. In doing so, I usually rely on serendipity, which I view as embracing “fortunate accidents.” This mindset works well with painting because you can constantly play with color and enjoy allowing the paint to essentially have a life of its own. This also applies to photography because sometimes the lens picks up elements of an image that the naked eye missed. No matter the medium, I consider a piece to be successful when it captures the way I feel about the subject, such as my appreciation of the ethereal nature of a nebula or the complexity of crystallized tree sap.

My current work embraces the concept of finding joy and beauty in nature, both near and far, large and small, real and imaginary, celestial and earthly, etcetera. I have also taken some liberties with color because, although I appreciate subtlety, I enjoy making my subjects bright and intense to embody my perspective. As for the specific subject matter, it doesn’t really feel like a conscious choice because different imagery inspires me for unknown reasons. I will say that I am fortunate to have traveled a good deal, which has led me to see many new and exciting things. Accordingly, my favorite source of inspiration is taking a hike down an unknown path while looking very closely at the surroundings and also taking in any panoramic views I may stumble upon. It’s amazing what you can see when you really stop and look around!" - Tara Conway King

Sharpsburg Sundog by William R. Fox
Sharpsburg Sundog by William R. Fox

“Photography enables me to wrap up all my passions with a creative ribbon. History, nature, music and all my interests create excitement for me. I want to capture the feeling through my eyes, into the camera, then on to the screen to share with others. Too many of us are busy, or distracted from the beauty that surrounds us every day and everywhere." - William R. Fox

William had the good fortune to study Nature and Wildlife and Portrait Photography with Don Cooper, National Geographic and Smithsonian photographer. He has also worked with Jeff Griffith, Creative Director of the CWT “Hallowed Ground” magazine.

July 3rd, 2013 Fourth of July Celebration


5:30pm - 8:30pm
Open House


Feb. 2nd - March 3rd, 2013 "The Romance Collection"

The Romance Collection

designed by Terah Ware of An Era's Ambiance

It's never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day!  Our annual jewelry exhibit will kick off with an...

Exclusive Preview, February 2nd, 4pm - 7pm

Twin Hearts Earrings

The Art of Courtly Love:
The Romance Collection

By An Era’s Ambiance Jewelry

Terah Ware’s interest in romantic notions and historical adornments has influenced her new jewelry collection, “Romance”.

The love inspired jewelry collection captures the essence and tradition of historical courtship.  From the Victorian period of the “Forget-Me-Not” flower, the Edwardians who kept a photo locket close to their hearts, to the Renaissance tradition of a maiden handing her chosen knight her “favor”.  Usually a small remnant of cloth or jewel to remind him that she is his.

Terah’s handpicked vintage findings of Victorian lace, antique lockets, 19th century love letters, and Edwardian Valentines will become romantic elements of art. 

The “Romance Collection” is an exclusive jewelry collection for the romantic at heart.  Enjoy!

Postcard Invitation back

Zoe's Chocolates

Feb. 7th, Annual Chocolate & Champagne Reception - 6pm - 8pm

Gifts Inn BoonsBoro will be featuring fine artisan chocolates created by Zoe's.  Zoe's Chocolates are a fresh product using only the best ingredients.  These chocolates do not contain any paraffin wax, hydrogenated oils or other preservatives.  Gifts Inn BoonsBoro can only offer them for a limited time and we will be delighted to accept your order for Valentine's Day in advance.


Dec. 8th, Holidays In Boonsboro

Appalachian Wind II by Antonio Mendez
We will be featuring the paintings of artist/writer Antonio Mendez, author of Argo, now a major motion picture.  Argo is an autobiographically story of how the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history.  Mr. Mendez will be at Gifts Inn BoonsBoro from 11am - noon.  He will then join Nora at Turn the Page Bookstore for the booksigning.

Nov. 3rd, In Boonsboro - Special Plein Air Painting

Plein Air painting in Boonsboro
On Saturday, November 3, Gifts Inn Boonsboro hosted local artists to paint the streets and landmark favorites in Boonsboro in the plein air style.

The paintings will be on display through the Thanksgiving weekend.  We encourage visitors to vote for their favorite paintings. 

Featured Artists:

Cindy Roberts Downs is noted for her rural watercolor landscapes of the tri-state area and resides in Clear Spring, Maryland.  She has been featured in many esteemed art galleries and shows in this region.

Sheryl Massaro loves to work in oils and resides in Urbana, Maryland.  She is experienced in the plein air style and has shown her work throughout Maryland as well as Washington, DC.

Daniel Murphy is a local and award winning pen and ink artist who specializes in rustic farm and landscape scenes.  He specializes in realistic watercolors using the plein air style.

Peter Plant is a noted acrylic painter from Middletown, Maryland.  He painted a series of landscape scenes of the C & O Canal as well as his rural commute.
Group photo of the Plein Air event
Deborah Lovelace Richardson
is a focused watercolor plein air painter from New Market, Maryland.  She has focused on the National Battlefield Parks of Monocacy, Antietam and Gettysburg.  Her work was recently featured in the Maryland Public Television special “Historic Barns of Maryland.”

Kent Roberts is a noted professional artist from Pennsylvania and his watercolor of a Greyhound won “Best in Show” in the 2011 Waynesboro Studio Club’s 80th Annual Art Contest.

Sunil Sukla a local Boonsboro resident specializing in abstract expressionistic work and mixed media.  Sunil was born in Bangladesh and art has been the constant in his life.  His work was recently shown in Frederick.

Thom Tholen is a new local resident and Inn Keeper, Inn Boonsboro.  He recently had a local showing of his WWII bomber girl paintings. Thom is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Art and will be opening a studio in Boonsboro before the holidays.



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