‘Antietam’s Wounded’ Print – Sharpsburg Historical Society

‘Antietam’s Wounded’ Print – Sharpsburg Historical Society



SHS – 26 Antietam’s Wounded (Garnet W. Jex – Sharpsburg Historical Society, Sharpsburg Maryland) September 17th, the war’s “bloodiest day.” Uphill from Packhorse Ford to Shepherdstown, moving an agonized stream of men and vehicles from the day-long battle four miles away across the Potomac River. The good townspeople shared the sacrifice and fear. With outer edges of historical notes and references around the border, this artwork is a history buff’s dream.

NOTE: The artwork is 18(L) X 13(W) X 0.25(H), backed with a 19(L) X 13(W) X 0.25(H) cardboard and preserved in a plastic sleeve.


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Weight 5.1 oz
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 0.25 in