Blue Leather Hand Purse – Kevin Firmin

Blue Leather Hand Purse – Kevin Firmin



When you’re dressed to impress, take along this little blue leather handbag. Makes a statement with a whisper. Handmade by Kevin Firmin of KCM Leather. Comes with a letter from the artist.

NOTE: 7″ strap features large lobster claw clasps.

KCM Leather Pared-Down Letter: “Hello, I’m excited you are going to be the owner of this new bag! All my leather items are USA sourced, hand cut, hand finished, and hand sewn with strong poly cord (actually in Maine). The stitching is called “saddle” stitching and is supposed to hold even if one side of the thread is cut on the seam. . . The leathers I use are mostly “Chrome Tanned” using wax or oils and are fairly “water resistant” to begin with. But like any leather, you don’t want them to get saturated with water. Over time, leathers may darken a bit and become more worn in with scratches, scuffs, and general softening, but that normally makes them look and feel better. . . I’ve been using a product called “Colorado Leather Balm” with very good success. I use one that is citronella scented which may even keep away things from chewing on your leather. . . I’ve included a scrap piece of your bags leather(s) to test any treatment(s) you want to apply at some point, before you put them on the bag. . . If anything ever goes mechanically wrong with the bag, just let me know and I will do my best to fix/repair/replace [or contact us at GIB to contact him]. I call this “My Lifetime” warranty. If properly cared for; I like to say these are generational bags as they can be handed down to your kids or relatives over the decades. . . I hope you fully enjoy your new bag. Thank you, Kevin.”

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Weight 13.8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 3 in