Blue Topaz Dragonfly Necklace – Beth Carey

Blue Topaz Dragonfly Necklace – Beth Carey



BC 10/19-5 Glittering fine silver pendant with swirls and spirals, sporting a brilliant blue topaz and a dancing dragonfly, handmade by Beth Carey.

SIZE: The necklace is about 16.5 inches long from the mini lobster clasp to the finishing ring. The pendant hangs attached in the middle approximately 2.75 inches. Unadorned chain.

Topazes are the gemstones for the month of November (Birthday Gemstones)

Topaz Meanings: Aids against negative magic and death, Bestows charisma, Combines with Tiger’s Eye to bring wealth and money, Draws in love, Encourages self-realization and confidence, Grants pleasant dreams, Protects wearer against envy and disease, Quiets wild emotions and Wards off bad dreams.

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 1 in