‘Content’ Painting – Sherry Lazaroff

‘Content’ Painting – Sherry Lazaroff



Bright and colorful, framed (but not matted) gouache painting, created by Sherry Lazaroff.

This piece is inspired by Neuro-Graphica Art, which was developed by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014. “Neuro” speaks about the brain and its many neural connections. Neuro-Graphica combines human existence, hand plasticity, art, and meaning. Sherry says, “It is intuitive, insightful and lots of fun to do! And it’s great in creating new neural connections.”

With Neuro-Graphica, our mind is reflected on a piece of paper, so that we can virtually see our thoughts and manipulate them with lines, shapes, and colors. This drawing technique links the conscious with the unconscious mind together, and activates new neural connections in our brains.

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Weight 7.2 oz
Dimensions 13.5 × 10.5 × 0.5 in