Fern Leaf, Citrine, Turquoise & Quartz Necklace – Rose Mendez

Fern Leaf, Citrine, Turquoise & Quartz Necklace – Rose Mendez



Hand-cut brass fern is suspended from metal wire, embellished with turquoise, quartz and citrine beads. Handmade by Rose Mendez of Even Rose Love. (226N)

SIZE: 18 inches long.

Symbolism – The fern symbolizes eternal youth. To the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, the fern represents new life and new beginnings. To the Japanese, the fern symbolizes family and the hope for future generations. According to Victorians, the fern symbolizes humility and sincerity.

Citrines are the gemstones for the month of November. Meanings— money, luck, protection, healing, self-esteem, logical thinking, new thoughts, clarity of thought, protects from negative energy, self-confidence.

Turquoise is the gemstone for the month of December. Meanings— fortune, peace to one’s home, strength and protection from harm, wisdom of basic truth, foresight, psychic sensitivity, intuition, luck, protection, readiness for action, serenity, friendship.

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Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.25 × 1.25 in