Green Sparkle Kitchen Knife – Jamie Stone

Green Sparkle Kitchen Knife – Jamie Stone



Everyone needs a sharp sturdy knife, be it for hunting or for cooking. Jamie Stone is the owner and creator of Stone Built Knives. These handmade knives feature 1084 high carbon steel sourced from New Jersey Steel Baron, which means it is a tough steel with excellent edge retention qualities and perfect for knives that will be used hard. These functional little works of art are ground on an Ameribrade 2×72 grinder and forged in Jamie’s home, outfitted with a hand tooled and carved leather sheath, and either a leather loop for your belt or a kydex (black plastic clip).

Stone Built Knives is a small one-man shop based in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. All work, from shaping the steel to tooling and sewing the sheaths, is done by Jamie Stone. Jamie is a Historical European martial arts practitioner who trains in Longsword and Arming Sword and Buckler with the Fenris Kunst des Fechtens Fencing Club, as well as being a member of The Order of The Marshal armored combat group. He lives with his wife and pet pig.

The business end of this delightful piece is 6 1/2″, with its fabulous sparkly green haft.

NOTE: Does Not Come With A SHEATH. Please Be Careful. These knives are SUPER DUPER SHARP. Please use responsibly.

CARE: NOT a stainless steel and should be kept clean and oiled regularly.

Additional information

Weight 8.2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 2.25 × 1.25 in