‘Hope of Spring’ – Rhonda Smith

‘Hope of Spring’ – Rhonda Smith



Artist Statement about the work: “The Seasonal Muses and their benevolent actions overlap the seasons. The seasonal muses protect the traveler and provide guidance and encouragement through their oversight of journeys near and far, within the heart the mind and upon the earth. Spring, the muse of hope and beauty. There is a dog beside the muse, a faithful companion who accompanies her on the journey. A butterfly symbol of transformation. A compass and book to guide the traveler.”

While traveling the world, particularly within West Africa, Rhonda Smith was and is inspired by talisman, amulets, and symbolic meanings intertwined with artwork. She believes that art is an investment of personal commitment that requires both the maker and the viewer to seek a greater understanding in order to fully appreciate the power within the object. Each print, each collage Smith creates is a talisman, a prayer and a wish to share with the viewer. Linocut with intaglio monotype 24″x 24″ Mounted on wood. Created by Rhonda J. Smith.

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Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 24.25 × 24.25 × 2.25 in