Inn BoonsBoro Soap Bar

Inn BoonsBoro Soap Bar



A romance that stands the test of time deserves its own unique fragrance.  With guest rooms inspired by literary lovers, Inn BoonsBoro reflects each couple’s experience with their own exclusive scent. Our soap and shampoo bars are handmade from olive, coconut, rice bran, castor, and sustainable palm oils. Depending on the soap, Cedar Ridge also adds oatmeal, seeds, cornmeal, botanicals, clays, herbs, and spices. Our soaps are scented with essential oils or fragrance oils. Custom designed for each room by Cedar Ridge Soaps.

Marguerite and Percy (pomegranate) | Elizabeth and Darcy (lavender) | Westley and Buttercup (honey almond) | Nick and Nora (green tea and ginger) | Jane and Rochester (heather) | Titania and Oberon (pixie dust) | Penthouse | Eve and Roarke (lavender/patchouli) | Blank Page (unscented) | Spirit of the Inn (honeysuckle)

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Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1.25 in

Marguerite and Percy, Elizabeth and Darcy, Westley and Buttercup, Nick and Nora, Jane and Rochester, Titania and Oberon, Penthouse, Eve and Roarke, Blank Page, Spirit of the Inn