‘The Dunker Church’ Framed Photograph – Tim Johnson

‘The Dunker Church’ Framed Photograph – Tim Johnson



This one is a ‘Ready To Go!’ artwork. Lovingly encased in a reclaimed barnwood frame from local farms and balanced by a soft off-white mat, this black-and-white photograph depicts ghostly soldiers visiting The Dunker Church in Antietam, which was a focal point of a number of Union attacks against the Confederate left flank. Most after-action reports by commanders of both sides, including Union General Hooker and Confederate Stonewall Jackson, make references to the church. A wonderful gift for history fans. Captured by Tim Johnson with black-and-white film, who used dodge-and-burn techniques for the re-enactors’ images in the darkroom. Signed by the artist.

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Weight 85.0 oz
Dimensions 22.5 × 18.5 × 1 in