‘Through the Trees, a Lunar Reflection – Print – Rhonda Smith

‘Through the Trees, a Lunar Reflection – Print – Rhonda Smith



Look through the trees where the moonlight touches the water and the line between worlds is blurred. Linocut with intaglio monotype is a print, not mounted onto wood or framed. Envisioned by Rhonda Smith of Middle Bridge Studio. There are slight variations between each print in coloring.

SIZE: 24 inches X 24 inches

NOTE: this is an unmounted print, meaning it does not come with a matting, a frame or wood mount. If you’d like this piece mounted onto the wood box display, please contact us at 301-432-0090. It will come preserved in a clear sealant and will be signed by the artist on the side of the wood panel. PLEASE NOTE: the costs associated with mounting on wood (Rhonda’s preferred method) raise the price to $800.

Additional information

Weight 12.5 oz
Dimensions 24.25 × 24.25 × 1 in