Chakra Candle Set – Krista Trovato

Chakra Candle Set – Krista Trovato



Cute little chakra candles to bring specific energies into your chakras. Light the candle and let it burn while you contemplate the meaning of the chakra. The bag is bio-degradable!

NOTE: Please remove plastic wrapping before burning the candle.

Crafted by Krista Trovato of Peace Love & Tiny Beads, a Boonsboro, Maryland resident who trained for an entire year to master her craft before starting her online jewelry and herb packet business alongside her job as a webpage designer. Handmade with love and full of positive energy.

  • Orange. Location- pelvis = sacral / Svadhishthana- creativity, sexuality and well-being.
  • Red. Location- base of spine = root / Muladhara- grounding, loyalty, courage and stability.
  • Yellow. Location- stomach = solar plexus / Manipura- leadership, intellectual abilities and confidence.
  • Green. Location- heart = heart / Anahasta- compassion, love and peace.
  • Blue. Location- throat = throat / Vishuddha- communication and truthfulness.
  • Purple. Location- center of forehead = third eye / Ajua- intuition, imagination and memory.
  • Deep Red. Location- top of head = crown / Sahasrara- spiritual connection and awareness.

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Weight 19.8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2.75 in