Elder Futhark Runes – Krista Trovato

Elder Futhark Runes – Krista Trovato



Burn-accented and hand-cut from energy-friendly birchwood, this Elder Futhark Runes collection was crafted by Krista Trovato’s son, but designed by Krista herself with a practitioner’s eye. A note card with an explanation of the runes is included.

Birchwood symbolism – as the birch is a pioneer species, it is a symbol of rebirth, new beginnings and growth. It’s a sacred tree within the mythology of the Celts and is believed to have protective influences.

“Early Germanic tribes of northern Europe were first to develop runes, but the Scandinavians soon adopted the symbols for their own use. When the seafaring Vikings traveled to faraway lands, they brought their system of writing with them, leaving runic inscriptions in places as distant as Greenland. Wherever they went, Vikings turned to runes to express both the poetic (“Listen, ring-bearers, while I speak/Of the glories in war of Harald, most wealthy”) and the prosaic (“Rannvieg owns this box”), inscribing them on everything from great stone monuments to common household items.” From  https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/vikings/runes.html

Elder Futhark Runes Translation And Meanings:

Fehu ‘F’- cattle, prosperity, fulfillment.

Uruz ‘V’- wild ox, strength, life force, determination.

Thurisaz  ‘TH’- Thor, brutal force, unexpected change.

Ansuz ‘A’ – mouth, communication, transmission of knowledge.

Raido ‘R’ – wheel, travel, movement, introspective journey.

Kenaz hard’ C/K’ –  fire, spark, energy, power, inspiration.

Gebo ‘G’ –  gift, fortuitous outcome, partnership, luck, commitment.

Wunjo ‘W’ –  joy, success, lasting emotional happiness.

Hagalaz ‘H’ –  hail, limitations, delays, forces outside your control, disruption.

Nauthiz ‘N’ –  patience, difficult learning situation, crossroads, hardship, need.

Isa ‘I’ –  ice, plans on hold, frustration, quiet, introspection.

Jera ‘J/Y’ – harvest, rewards for past efforts, justice.

Eihwaz ‘E’ –  yew, Yggdrassil, endurance, resilience.

Pertho ‘P’ – mystery, occult knowledge, randomness, coincidence, secrets uncovered.

Algiz ‘Z’ – elk, protection, support, wisdom.

Sowulo ‘S’ – sun, victory, awareness, energy.

Teiwaz/ tyr ‘T’ – success, warrior, strength, accuracy.

Berkana ‘B’ –  birth, new beginnings, fertility, female power.

Ehwaz ‘E’ –  horse, movement, steady progress, physical shift.

Mannaz ‘M’ – humankind, interdependence, collective potential, partnership.

Laguz ‘L’ –  water, evolution, cleansing, female figure.

Inguz short ‘I’ or ‘G’ -fertility, male energy, prosperity.

Othila ‘O’ –  heritage, possessions, ancestral wisdom, home and hearth.

Dagaz ‘D’ –  day, being in the present, steady growth, awakening.

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