‘Three Blue Birds Over the Rainbow’ Monotype – Susan Carney

‘Three Blue Birds Over the Rainbow’ Monotype – Susan Carney



Intriguing monotype original print by Susan Carney features three blue birds cuddled close on a high branch over ghostly images of other birds. Matted and framed in a faux wood grey-black frame and cream matting to set off the careful use of color.

MONOTYPE: “A monotype is made by a printmaking process in which only one print is created. Because I work with stencils, I often produce a series of similar prints yet each print is unique. Many prints will contain residue from previous printing with the same plate-that prior to printing is wrapped with canvas or burlap to create texture. I love the serendipity that happens when ink presses into paper on a printing press. It’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying to roll back the blankets on the press, pull up the paper, and hope all of the variables coincide: the delicate balance of pressure, the amount of ink, the placement of the stencils I design and cut from steel, the type of paper or canvas, the colors and how they mix … often unexpectedly. I love the wonder of that often elusive successful print. Color is one of my driving forces. As well as the blessing and curse of an obsessive passion to keep searching for that perfect print regardless of subject matter, which is always changing. Stories, nature, beauty, and navigation of life are some things inspiring my imagery.” – Susan Carney

About Susan Carney: She continues to evolve in terms of what inspires her choice of subject matter, the media she employs, and the art forms and processes in which she engages. A longstanding intrigue with change has always informed Carney’s work. Watercolor, spray paint, acrylic paint, varnish, and collage combine on wood, canvas, and paper … with a vocabulary of images such as birds, insects, knots, weaving, and fragments of the human body.

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Weight 122.0 oz
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1 in